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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sond \Sond\, Sonde \Sonde\, n. [AS. sand. See Send, v. t.]

  1. That which is sent; a message or messenger; hence, also, a visitation of providence; an affliction or trial. [Obs.]

    Ye have enough, parde, of Goddes sond.

  2. (Rocketry) a rocket or balloon sent into the upper atmosphere to measure atmospheric conditions or other phenomena at altitudes unattainable by aircraft.

Usage examples of "sond".

Sheykh, casting a nervous sidelong glance at the unusually stern-faced and formidable-appearing Sond, who was standing near the centerpole.

Then, his lips coming together in a grim smile, Sond jerked the tentpole up out of the ground and neatly snapping it in two, let it fall.

Therefore Sond had taken it upon himself to present the suitable gift.

Nedjma looked up, her eyes pools of moonlight so lovely that Sond was forced to kiss her again.

Hastening toward the sound of the voice, Sond crashed through shrubs and bushes, heedless of the noise he was making, thinking only to end the ache of his desires in sweet bliss.

Growing more and more perplexed, Sond stared at it closely, suspiciously.

Clutching his chest, feeling that his heart must crack from the pain, Sond swallowed the bile rising in his throat.

Whenever Usti looked directly at Sond, however, the tall, handsome djinn instantly glanced away.

Fedj and Sond, giving them the command that would eventually bring the two warring tribes together at the Tel.

Pukah, since you asked, if I were Sond and not Pukah, I would get that triple-chinned ass, Usti, to go to his mistress with this wild scheme of stealing horses.

Calif, with a tremendous struggle, did as Sond requested, though his dark eyes glittered with anger.

As Sond knew when he suggested it, this was the one crime the Hrana could commit that would cause the Calif to break the commandment of the God.

Calif had gone, Sond remained crouching on his knees in the desert sand, beating his clenched fists on the windswept rock, striking at it until his immortal flesh bled.

In his rage Akhran might actually commit some rash act that would cause Sond to lose Nedjma forever.

Fedj and Sond, were each secretly set by their masters to spy upon the other and did so with such alacrity that they were always to be seen, skulking about the camp, glaring at each other and adding to the overall tension.