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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Chemical reactions which do not produce quantitative yields are sometimes called non-stoichiometric processes.
▪ This property is sometimes called vigilance.
▪ This emerging kind of organization within production is sometimes called flexible specialization.
▪ Limited assortment stores, sometimes called box stores, stock less than 1500 items; typically they sell no items requiring refrigeration.
▪ The latter type of relationship is sometimes called topological.
▪ During campaign periods, people sometimes call political offices to complain about particularly loud vans, said a Kuroda party officer.
▪ I hiked across valleys so flat and wide it sometimes felt that I was walking on the spot.
▪ I have sometimes felt your distance, your discomfort with our lives in Virginia.
▪ She felt sometimes that he didn't know how spirited she could be, and this would certainly have shown him!
▪ True, he sometimes felt an unexpected sense of exultant extra life onstage.
▪ It sometimes felt that she was blushing all the time.
▪ She sometimes felt she was with-out great presence in the world, or that she had gone out of style.
▪ Prayer All of us feel sometimes that life is treating us unfairly.
▪ That scary scene in Gibson City was so far in the past, it sometimes felt as if it had never happened.
▪ Perhaps that's why we sometimes find it hard to talk about her.
▪ None has gone anywhere, though investigators sometimes found merit to the charges.
▪ Even so we do sometimes find admissions that women were doing the more advanced tasks.
▪ Extraordinary Strength Athletes sometimes find themselves in possession of extraordinary strength.
▪ Doreen sometimes finds herself in conflict situations which she finds unusually difficult to manage.
▪ Scholars sometimes find them, too.
▪ They come in two forms, sometimes found in the same lake.
▪ On the other hand, we sometimes find ourselves in the mythosphere!
▪ This is sometimes referred to as the comfort factor by bankers.
▪ Iridology, sometimes referred to as iris diagnosis, is a non-invasive, painless diagnostic technique, according to practitioners.
▪ He is sometimes referred to as pseudo-Dionysius or pseudo-Denys.
▪ The contract of carriage by road shall be confirmed by a consignment note, sometimes referred to as a waybill.
▪ Many of the houses stand in two side roads on either side of this road, sometimes referred to as King Street.
▪ All these give some idea of possible refugia, sometimes referred to as centres of dispersal.
▪ These conditions are sometimes referred to as the threshold grounds or criteria.
▪ The women sometimes seem dedicated to beauty and art, both for personal adornment and spiritual symbolism.
▪ The cult of sport sometimes seems to take on the quality of an Orwellian nightmare.
▪ Wall Street and Washington seem sometimes to have been overtaken by outlaws.
▪ Some one polite can make a refreshing change for them from the desperate, angry people who sometimes seem to fill their offices.
▪ Why does it sometimes seem that Robert Mugabe must be the natural leader of this panic-stricken crusade?
▪ And yet it is never very far ahead, indeed sometimes seems not to be ahead of the pursuer at all.
▪ In business life, it sometimes seems how you say something, and to whom, is everything.
▪ For how much longer, I sometimes think?
▪ I sometimes think that the kits would do a better job of supporting creativity if they contained only half the necessary materials.
▪ I sometimes think that artists could well exhibit a few sketches along with the actual picture.
▪ I sometimes think a blunt instrument would do some good for her.
▪ You'd sometimes think they stage such incidents to persuade us poor bloody electors that they work hard.
▪ I sometimes think it might be better for everyone if I wasn't here.
▪ Only hope she doesn't end up looking like her dad, he thought sometimes with a rich inner guffaw.
▪ I sometimes think most schools are, in different ways.
▪ A common cause, according to recent research, is the chlorine solution sometimes used to bleach and sterilise corks.
▪ Teachers sometimes used outlines of letters for pupils to follow.
▪ Restrictive covenants are sometimes used in relation to the future use of licensed premises.
▪ The Panthers kept changing up, sometimes using five or six defensive backs on first down.
▪ Although hand printing is sometimes used, all these cards have been produced in three ways.
▪ The idea was most clearly formulated by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, but Charles Darwin sometimes used it, too.
▪ Composers sometimes use an attenuated form of this cluster effect to obscure what would otherwise be perfectly normal chord sequences.
▪ Watercraft are sometimes used to reach victim, who is pulled on to flotation board towed behind.
▪ Or am I just imagining all this, Ludens sometimes wondered.
▪ I wonder sometimes, wonder how much is fabricated and how much is truth.
▪ I sometimes wonder if she ever eats anything.
▪ Whether this was congenital, stemmed from growing up around a grocery store, or nerve induced, she sometimes wondered.
▪ He sometimes wondered why she hadn't thought of that.
▪ He is in the fifteenth year of his labor and sometimes wonders if he is becoming bodiless.
▪ He wondered sometimes if they even understood the questions.
▪ I sometimes wonder if I should expose my two children to football.
Sometimes I drive to work and sometimes I walk.
Sometimes I stay late in the library after class.
▪ Injuries of this type sometimes take a long time to heal.
▪ The journey takes about an hour, sometimes even longer.
▪ Traffic noise is sometimes a problem.
▪ And sometimes no purposeful movements result, in which case we talk of deep coma.
▪ He walked past the Harris house every day, whistling to himself, and sometimes he stopped to talk.
▪ However, men sometimes used this distinction to avoid thinking how to satisfy their partner physically as well as mentally.
▪ It seldom rings here, but sometimes the circulating nurse has to answer it and relay a quick question.
▪ It was one of those still, lovely evenings that you sometimes get in October.
▪ Sheraton sometimes uses canned broth, citing College Inn and Health Valley as her preferred brands.
▪ Those who don't, aggravate the pollution, reduce the lives of their cars and sometimes their own lives too.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sometimes \Some"times`\, a. Former; sometime. [Obs.]

Thy sometimes brother's wife.


Sometimes \Some"times`\, adv. [Sometime + adverbial ending -s, as in -wards.]

  1. Formerly; sometime. [Obs.]

    That fair and warlike form In which the majesty of buried Denmark Did sometimes march.

  2. At times; at intervals; not always; now and then; occasionally.

    It is good that we sometimes be contradicted.
    --Jer. Taylor.

    Sometimes . . . sometimes, at certain times . . . at certain other times; as, sometimes he is earnest, sometimes he is frivolous.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"now and then," 1520s, from sometime + adverbial genitive -s.


a. (context obsolete English) former; sometime. adv. On certain occasions, or in certain circumstances, but not always. (from 16th c.)


adv. on certain occasions or in certain cases but not always; "sometimes she wished she were back in England"; "sometimes her photography is breathtaking"; "sometimes they come for a month; at other times for six months"

Sometimes (Britney Spears song)

"Sometimes" is a song recorded by American singer Britney Spears for her debut studio album, ...Baby One More Time (1999). Written by Jörgen Elofsson and produced by Elofsson himself, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger, the song was released as Spears' second single on April 30, 1999 by JIVE Records. "Sometimes" is a teen pop song that is influenced by bubblegum pop, and alludes to a relationship where a shy girl is reserved on expressing feelings to her lover. The song received generally mixed reviews from contemporary critics.

"Sometimes" attained worldwide success, peaking inside the top ten in eleven countries. In the United States, the song peaked at number twenty one. The song reached number one in Belgium (Flanders), Netherlands and New Zealand, while reaching number two in Australia. In the United Kingdom, the song reached number three, and is also Spears' third best-selling single in the country. An accompanying music video, directed by Nigel Dick, was shot at the Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. It portrays Spears watching her love interest from afar. Spears has performed "Sometimes" in four of her concert tours, including at the ...Baby One More Time Tour (1999), the Oops!... I Did It Again World Tour (2000–01), and the Dream Within a Dream Tour (2001–02).

Sometimes (Ash song)

"Sometimes" was the third single released from the Free All Angels album by the band Ash on June 9, 2001. It was released as a single CD (released on 2CD formats, the first of which being an enhanced CD) as a 7" vinyl (which was limited edition and came with a numbered picture gatefold sleeve), as well as on DVD format. Although "Sometimes" did relatively poorly in the singles charts (reaching #21), it helped contribute to increase in sales for Free All Angels.

"Sometimes" is a poetic love song, and is regarded as one of the stand out tracks from the album. The song originally slated to be the second single from the album, but the band opted for the heavier track "Burn Baby Burn" in its place.

The song is almost always present in the live set, and is definitely a fan favourite, showing a different side to the band than that of heavier albums such as 1977 and Meltdown. The song can also be found on the Intergalactic Sonic 7″s hits collection.


Sometimes or Sometime may refer to:

Sometimes (album)

Sometimes is the debut solo album by City and Colour, a side project of Dallas Green, a guitarist and singer for the band Alexisonfire. At first, the majority of these songs were only available at live shows or over the Internet through Peer-to-peer services. However, due to high demand, the songs were compiled onto a studio album, and released through Dine Alone Records. "Comin' Home" was the only song on the album to not have been previously available. The album was awarded Alternative Album of the Year at the 2007 Juno Awards.

Sometimes was re-released on Vagrant Records on January 13, 2009, which was first time the album was available in physical form in the US.

Despite the album's relatively limited initial commercial success, it received widespread critical acclaim in its native Canada and was certified Gold in March 2006.

Sometimes (No Doubt song)
  1. redirect No Doubt (No Doubt album)
Sometimes (Bill Anderson song)

"Sometimes" is a 1975 song written by Bill Anderson, and performed by Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner. "Sometimes" went to number one on the country charts, where it stayed for a single week and spent a total of eleven weeks on the chart.

Sometimes (Donkeyboy song)

Sometimes is an English language massive hit in Norway for the Norwegian band Donkeyboy, their second most successful single after " Ambitions", their debut single that stayed 13 weeks on top of the Norwegian Singles Chart. "Sometimes", just like "Ambitions", is taken from Donkeyboy's debut album Caught in a Life.

"Sometimes" stayed at top of the Norwegian Singles Chart for a total of 8 weeks in 2009 in three runs: weeks 39, 40, 41, weeks 44, 45, 46, and weeks 48 and 49.

Sometimes (Miami Horror song)

"Sometimes" is a song recorded by the indietronica group Miami Horror and released on October 23, 2009.

Sometimes (Clay Davidson song)

"Sometimes" is a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Clay Davidson. It was released in January 2001 as the third single from the Unconditional The song reached #21 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. The song was written by Davidson, Kenny Beard and Casey Beathard.

Sometimes (Erasure song)

"Sometimes" is a song by British synthpop duo Erasure, released in October 1986 as their fourth single overall.

After three commercial flops from their debut album Wonderland, "Sometimes" became Erasure's first bona fide hit, peaking at number one in South Africa, number two in their native United Kingdom and in Germany, and becoming a huge international hit. The song became Erasure's second Top 5 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, where it charted alongside " It Doesn't Have to Be" and peaked at number four. Peaking only at number 39 in the French Singles Chart, Sometimes still remains Erasure's last chart entry in France ever since.

Written by band members Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, "Sometimes" typifies the Erasure "sound" — an uptempo, dance-oriented pop tune accentuated by Clarke's analogue synthesizers and Bell's lyrics about being in love. The trumpet solo is performed by Guy Barker. The music video showcases Erasure on a building rooftop — Clarke playing an acoustic guitar and Bell singing — as they weave through white sheets hanging from a laundry line; near the end of the video rain starts to fall on the duo.

"Sometimes" spent seventeen weeks in the UK singles chart — the duo's longest chart run for a single in that country — and was included on Erasure's second album The Circus, released six months later in March 1987.

Sometimes (Facts of Life album)

Sometimes is the debut album by the disco/soul band Facts of Life. It features the title cut, which is a cover of Bill Anderson's tune, and this debut album was produced by Millie Jackson.

Usage examples of "sometimes".

That fecundation sometimes takes place from right to left and thus produces these abnormal variations.

It sometimes seemed the abomination spoke from every mouth, watched from all eyes.

Sometimes Kellhus seemed such an abomination that the gulf between Scylvendi and Inrithi threatened to disappearparticularly where Proyas was concerned.

For example, a loop with an appendage abutting upon its recurve between the shoulders and at right angles, as in illustration 56, will appear sometimes as in illustration 57 with the recurve totally destroyed.

She was always so self-contained, so immaculate, so perfectly poised and turned out that his need to see her with her mouth swollen after love, her hair tangled by his fingers, her eyes languorous and heavy, her breathing quickened, sharp and desirous, was sometimes so great that he ached to reach out and take hold of her.

I was then in the habit of calling sometimes upon Lucrezia in the morning, and of visiting in the evening Father Georgi, who was acquainted with the excursion to Frascati, and had not expressed any dissatisfaction.

After all, if we coolly consider those arguments which have been bandied about, and retorted with such eagerness and acrimony in the house of commons, and divest them of those passionate tropes and declamatory metaphors which the spirit of opposition alone had produced, we shall find very little left for the subject of dispute, and sometimes be puzzled to discover any material source of disagreement.

I sometimes think this monotonous monotone of an actionless existence is more hell than I know what to do with.

While the lack of physical adaptitude may be the occasion of much suffering and unhappiness in such unions, especially on the part of the wife, being even productive of most serious local disease, and sometimes of sterility, it is in childbirth that the greatest risk and suffering is incurred.

Sometimes personal messages were forwarded in multiple copies, by regular interstellar couriers, the service Sometimes duplicating and reduplicating the message without reading it, and sending copies on to different places, as often happened when the exact location of the addressee was unknown.

In like manner he sometimes ascribed to the Apostles a unique possession of the Holy Spirit, and at other times, adhering to a primitive Christian idea, he denied this thesis.

This greasy, sometimes waxy substance is known as adipocere, or grave wax.

It is impossible to justify the vain and credulous exaggerations of modern travellers, who have sometimes stretched the limits of Constantinople over the adjacent villages of the European, and even of the Asiatic coast.

Quenya adjective, or consonant clusters that Quenya does not allow would sometimes result.

It is sometimes intensive, as in bestir, and converts an adjective into a verb, as in bedim.