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SomBy is a Sámi rock band from the Finnish side of Sápmi that sings in Northern Sámi. The band was founded in Vuotso in 2004. At that point in time, the band consisted solely of girls. Its line-up experienced some changes in November 2007 when two boys from Inari joined.

In 2008, they signed with Tuupa Records, a recording company that represents a number of artists including Skolt Sámi rocker Tiina Sanila. In 2008, they published their first EP and are working on a full-length album to be published in September 2009.

In 2009, the band won the Sámi Grand Prix with their song "Ii iđit vel", the lyrics for which were written by Milla Pulska and set to music by Oula Guttorm. They will be touring the major Sámi music festivals during the summer, including Márkomeannu and Ijahis Idja.