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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Somberness \Som"ber*ness\, Sombreness \Som"bre*ness\, n. The quality or state of being somber; gloominess.


n. (alternative spelling of somberness English)


n. a state of partial or total darkness; "he struck a match to dispell the gloom" [syn: gloom, somberness]

Usage examples of "sombreness".

He went about his work with a deliberate and silent sombreness, like a beast coming out and going in, shaggy looking, austere, stodging through the mud and the muck of the byres, with rain upon his face, and the north wind in his eyes.

Swollen, dark purple-grey skies hang overhead, their sombreness broken by twin arcs of white points: the sunlets which ring this world.