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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Somberly \Som"ber*ly\, Sombrely \Som"bre*ly\, adv. In a somber manner; sombrously; gloomily; despondingly.


adv. In a somber manner.


adv. in a somber manner; "`That's sure bad news,' said Dowd, somberly" [syn: sombrely]

Usage examples of "somberly".

The strider, weaving slowly about at its great height, studied her somberly.

Lewellyn found a photo of Alessandro Volpone standing somberly, eyes closed, head bowed, at the graveside services for Leonard Colo, his business manager and lifelong friend.

He did not add what he knew somberly to be a fact, that the enemy would go elsewhere, to some other planet not protected by a Lensman able to perceive the intangible structure of a sphere of force.

When as a child Jilly had fallen into a pout or had flung herself high into a fit of pique, her mother reliably recommended to her the shining standard of a choirgirl, and when Jilly had been a teenager excited by the smooth moves of any acne-stippled Casanova, her mother had suggested somberly that she live up to the moral model of the oft-cited and essentially mythical choirgirl.

Weaponeer looked dubiously toward the Termagants, then somberly back to Joaz.

    A crowd of curious wizards gathered atop the hill to watch the chariot's approach, cheering somberly - trying to maintain a distinguished air - as they always did when Lady Alustriel graced them with her presence.

Honor agreed somberly, remembering the uncompromising communique Admiral Sternhafen had released to the Silesian and interstellar media in response to her message to him.

He was a fine and brave one, that Dagnabbit,” Tred said somberly, glancing over at the long pile of broken stone.

Bush’s intelligence,” as the New York Times somberly put it—by calling him dumber than .

Bush's intelligence," as the New York Times somberly put it—by calling him dumber than .

In order to obviate eye strain the walls were painted somberly and there were no light colors in evidence except for a nearly square patch of white at the farther end, the screen upon which the pictures were projected.

Of course, if he should go in for murder his eyes regarded her somberly but that wouldnt do you any good.

The Chairman of the Party came somberly down the line, embracing each of the bereaved, a black mourning band on his sleeve to contrast with the gaudy Order of Lenin emblem on his lapel.

The services were somberly graced by both the royse and royesse and their households, so a few courtiers anxious for their favor likewise attended.

He could envision it clearly: the paleface sucker from Florida somberly questioning other Navahos about sandpaintings and medicine men.