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Solution set

In mathematics, a solution set is the set of values that satisfy a given set of equations or inequalities.

For example, for a set {f} of polynomials over a ring R, the solution set is the subset of R on which the polynomials all vanish (evaluate to 0), formally

$$\{x\in R:\forall i\in I, f_i(x)=0\}.\$$

Usage examples of "solution set".

She wasn't worried, the situation was a simple binary solution set.

Problem and solution set themselves up as a physical arrangement and he saw the nerve-nets they had built all arrayed as a series of triangular faces with a Mobius twist -- prisms of cell triangles interlaced and marching with their energy flows through infinite dimensions, forming sense data and memory images outside conventional space, storing bits and altering relationships in limitless dimensional extensions.

Since the situation is a binary solution set, win or lose, there is only one choice.

You've got two choices, a binary solution set as they say in math.