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n. (plural of sol English)


Allan Salisbury (born 1949), known professionally as Sols, is an Australian cartoonist, best known for his newspaper comic Snake Tales. Salisbury's other creations include Lennie the Loser and Fingers and Foes, the latter helping to establish Salisbury in the United States.

Allan John Salisbury was born in 1949 in Kyabram, Victoria, after completing his secondary school education Salisbury took a job at the Cyclone Company in Melbourne, where he eventually became the company's advertising officer. It was there that he began working on a comic strip, The Ludicrous Life of Lenny the Loser. He then went to see William Ellis Green ('Weg') at The Herald, who suggested that he get an agent to represent him, recommending Sol Shifrin. Shifrin agreed to represent him but suggested he develop a strip with dialogue. As a result, Salisbury created Fingers and Toes (sub-titled The Little League of Disorganised Crime), an American gangster strip set in the 1930s. It became the first Australian comic strip to be purchased by a US syndicate, Publishers-Hall, without being published in Australia. The strip debuted in March 1974, appearing in the Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas News, Philadelphia Enquirer, Miami Herald, Vancouver Sun and Winnipeg Tribune. Fingers and Toes however encountered a number of problems with its US publishers, including its portrayal of a drunken judge, occasional muggings and US anti-violence campaigns (which resulted in the gangsters guns being painted out). The strip was dropped by mutual agreement towards the end of 1974.

Salisbury then created a new set of characters with an Australian background. His strip, Old Timer, made its first appearance in The Daily Telegraph in October 1974. In July 1975 The Sun News-Pictorial included it as a trial replacement for Les Dixon's Bluey and Curley, following Dixon's retirement. Over time Salisbury introduced a range of new characters including Snake, in 1976, who gradually took over the comic to the point where in 1978 the name of the strip was changed to Snake Tales. The comic has been cited as the "first new Australian comic since the 1930's" and also as "the start of a different era in Australian cartooning". His work was the basis for the "Art and Sols" exhibition at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in late 2006, which in turn formed the basis for the education guide of the same name. His strips are held by the Michigan State University Libraries in their collections.

In 2000, the American basketball team Rio Grande Valley Vipers adopted his character 'Snake' as their official mascot, the first time an Australian cartoon character has been so adopted.

He currently resides in Launceston, Tasmania in Australia.

Sols (disambiguation)

Sols can refer to:

  • The plural of sol
  • Sols, professional name of the Australian cartoonist Alan Salisbury
  • Standards of Learning, the educational standards in Virginia
  • the Martian time keeping measure, see Timekeeping on Mars#Sols
  • the Scottish Organisation of Labour Students, a former name for Scottish Labour Students

Usage examples of "sols".

Co-operative, the price of tallow-wax, on the loading floor at Port Sandor spaceport, had been fifteen hundred sols a ton.

Well, at the price Belsher and Ravick were going to cut from, that would run a little short of a hundred and fifty thousand sols for a year.

They passed me by without getting my arsenal, which consisted of a sleep-gas projector camouflaged as a jumbo-sized lighter and twenty sols in two rolls of forty quarter sols each.

I got one of the rolls of quarter sols into my right fist and let Oscar go ahead.

As soon as the cross hairs touch the target, just grab the trigger as though it was a million sols getting away from you.

Or, she might have a decrepit old Mum back home on Terra, and this is the only way she can earn enough sols fast enough to let the old lady live out her last years in style and respectability.

One might suppose that running a colonial company which did about a quarter of a billion sols in gross annual business was little more than presiding over luncheon meetings with subordinate executives and reading reports.

The more vehicles they steal the more sols it costs us, and the equipment loss cuts into budgets that ought to be going for more cops.

That rich sunstone strike on the Fuzzy Reservation has been leased back to the CZC, who are paying a royalty of four hundred fifty sols per carat for the privilege of working the diggings.

Uncle Charley stopped to slip five sols into the poor box before he opened the front door onto the esplanade.