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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As the lava flowed down the volcano it solidified, forming strange shapes.
▪ Remove any solidified fat from the top of the soup.
▪ This is the play that solidified William's reputation as a leading playwright.
▪ Tools are made by pouring liquid metal into a mould and allowing it to cool and solidify.
▪ All other materials contract when they solidify.
▪ As it cools, over the years, the magma slowly solidifies and forms crystals.
▪ But what about those lavas that solidify into one homogeneous lump, without crystallizing?
▪ In addition, putting Kirk Scrafford in as a starter at tackle will solidify the line.
▪ McMullen, expected to solidify third base for the Dodgers, loses the job to rookie Ron Cey.
▪ Now, six months after the Gulf crisis began, it is as though the world has solidified again.
▪ The last major product launch two years ago really solidified a couple of new markets for us.
▪ The propaganda served only to solidify opinion, not to change minds.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Solidify \So*lid"i*fy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Solidified; p. pr. & vb. n. Solidifying.] [Solid + -fy: cf. F. solidifier.] To make solid or compact.

Every machine is a solidified mechanical theorem.
--H. Spencer.


Solidify \So*lid"i*fy\, v. i. To become solid; to harden.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1799 (transitive); 1837 (intransitive), from French solidifier, from Old French solide (see solid (adj.)) + -fier (see -fy). Related: Solidified; solidifying.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To make solid; convert into a solid body. 2 (context transitive English) To concentrate; consolidate. 3 (context intransitive English) To become solid; to freeze, set.

  1. v. make solid or more solid; cause to solidify

  2. become solid; "The metal solidified when it cooled"

  3. [also: solidified]

Solidify (Grip Inc. album)

Solidify is the third album by heavy metal band Grip Inc..


Solidify may refer to:

  • Solidify (Grip Inc. album), the third album from heavy metal band Grip Inc.
  • Solidify, an album by American Idol contestant Amanda Overmyer
  • The verb form of solidification (turning into a solid):
    • Freezing, solidification of a liquid
    • Deposition (phase transition), solidification of a gas

Usage examples of "solidify".

Had he allowed that ominous prediction to remain unchallenged, Roger knew he would never have been allowed a glimpse into a world unlike any he had ever known, one that had long been solidified by great affluence and grandly imposing estates nestled in the rolling countryside northeast of Bath.

Then the stream would stop and build up, as Benj had pictured it, like hot wax on a candle, solidifying temporarily from addition of ammonia.

Reality, which I had thought had finally solidified, once more had brassily shattered.

He became fully aware of the political ploys, the secret deals and dirty tricks, Brount employed to solidify his control over the territory.

I could feel the great emptiness of the Sinai solidifying around us, as malefic as a black tower in whose keep we stood.

The air solidified into a Molt with scales of as rich a color as the rock he stood on--spitting distance from the car laboring uphill, an easy cast for a satchel charge or a burst of fire into the open-topped compartment.

Albert Campion, private and unwilling investigator, supported, as well as the paraphernalia belonging to these gentlemen, thirty-seven ash trays, each inscribed with varying advertising matter, a polyanthus rosetree in a remarkable pot, a cracked bottle of solidified ink, and a Bible with a red marker.

A black sword solidified in his hand, and as the shimmery darkness moved down his body, his robe altered, morphing like something out of a science fiction movie, until it became black armor.

The vaporous wraith solidified into solid bone and muscle, claws and fangs, into a frightening beast covered with a dark, cracked, leathery hide dappled with hideous, suppurating sores.

So I held on, soothing it with my gentle feminine touch--that, too, I had learned about when Threnody kissed me and held me the night before, despite the lie that touch implied--keeping it in place while we slowly solidified.

The climber had been less than helpful during this part of our ascent anyway, and the alternative was just to wait here as the sweat began to chill and solidify in my outer garments, or to try some other route, possibly abseiling down into the jagged wasteland of crevasses below the verglas cliff.

I also found my eye-lashes frozen together, and I lost several winkers in getting rid of those solidified tears.

And in the meantime, with a perversity to confound the Franks, she secured the future of the Angevin empire and supplied the instruments of a diplomacy which, no less than force of arms, was to solidify the whole.

It would take several more years before Zorana Shield and Clive Elkwood solidified their hold on the lands north of the Barren River.

Every line was fire solidified and made perfect, it was flame frozen, and lice waiting to thaw there in the middle of a concrete prairie, ready to wake with a roar, jump high and knock its silly fine great head against the Milky Way and knock the stars down in a full return of firefall meteors.