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Before the tea party was over the good doctor had volunteered to carry any letters which Frau Solf or her guests wished to send to their friends in Switzerland-German anti-Nazi emigres and British and American diplomatic officials - an offer which was quickly taken up by more than one present.

Moltke learned of this through a friend in the Air Ministry who had tapped a number of telephone conversations between the Swiss doctor and the Gestapo, and he quickly warned his friend Kiep, who tipped off the rest of the Solf circle.

On January 12, everyone who had been at the tea party was arrested, tried and executed, except Frau Solf and her daughter, the Countess Ballestrem.

German colonial history was Wilhelm Solf, governor of Samoa from 1900 to 1911.

The Samoans preferred self-government, and Solf, lacking sufficient coercive means, could defeat them only by practising the same political shrewdness and guile as the Samoans themselves, dealing with them in accordance with Samoan concepts of power, pride and prestige rather than with German ones.

After Solf left Samoa on leave at the end of 1910, his deputy and successor continued his policies and methods until the first world war when German rule came to an end.

It served the goals of the German Empire without either sentimentality or needless brutality, and given the inevitability of colonialism, the Pacific islanders in the German empire were fortunate to have Hahl and Solf standing between them and the settlers.

Thus in Fiji, Solf regime had discouraged foreign settlement, and the confiscation of German estates after the First World War placed large tracts of well-developed, productive land under the direct control of the government, and gave it an economic base independent of overseas investors.

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