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Usage examples of "soie".

His eyes openly examined the strapless, skin-colored lace corselette before they moved down the length of sheer silk stockings to the white peau de soie heels.

Houston was dressed for the garden party, wearing a formfitting gown of dotted white mousseline de soie over yellow satin, a wide yellow ribbon across the bodice, tying in a bow on her hip.

Her second-best evening dress was of pale yellow mousseline de soie with a modest decolletage.

The girl was wearing the hat I had given her, and a new frock-the best Luxor had to offer, one must assume-of pink mousseline de soie.

As we approached, the door flew open, and a little blonde woman stood in the opening, clad in some sort of light mousseline de soie, with a touch of fluffy pink chiffon at her neck and wrists.

In a low chair beneath a red shaded standing lamp sat Ida, in a diaphanous evening dress of mousseline de soie, the ruddy light tinging her sweet childlike face, and glowing on her golden curls.

Through her peau de soie glove, she felt the brief touch of his lips.