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Sohn may refer to

  • a German word meaning " son";
  • an alternate transliteration of the Korean name Son;
  • Sohn (musician), a Vienna-based English musician, songwriter, and producer

Sohn is the surname of:

  • Sohn Kee-chung (孫基禎) — the first medal-winning Korean Olympian
  • Alfred Sohn-Rethel (1899-1990), German social scientist
  • Amy Sohn, American author, columnist and screenwriter
  • Clem Sohn (1910-1937), American human flight pioneer
  • Joseph Sohn, contributor to the Jewish Encyclopedia, "The New International Encyclopedia"
  • Karl Ferdinand Sohn (1805-1867), German painter
  • Kurt Sohn, New York Jets wide receiver, 1981-1988
  • Louis B. Sohn (1914-2006) East-European politician, author
  • Peter Sohn, American animator and voice actor
  • Sonja Sohn, American actress
  • Wilhelm Sohn (1830-1899), German painter
Sohn (musician)

Sohn (stylised SOHN), born Christopher Taylor, is an English musician, songwriter, and producer based in Vienna, Austria. Following the release of 2012's 'The Wheel EP' through Aesop Label he was signed by 4AD. He released his debut album, Tremors on 7 April 2014.