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is a department store chain that operates an extensive network of branches in Japan. It once owned stores in locations as diverse as Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Beijing in mainland China, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong , Taipei in Taiwan, Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Bandung, Tangerang, Samarinda & Surabaya in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok in Thailand, London in United Kingdom, but most of these international branches are now operated by independent franchises.

Sogo (disambiguation)

Sogo may refer to:

  • Sogo, a department store chain
  • SOGo, an open source collaborative software server
  • SogoTrade, an online stock market brokerage firm
  • NHK General TV, known as NHK Sōgō in Japanese
  • Sogo, a fictional city in Barbarella (comics)
  • Hotel Sogo, a hotel chain in the Philippines

Sogo is also a Japanese surname and a given name:

  • Surname
    • Shinji Sogō (1884–1981), president of Japanese National Railways
    • Sogō Kazumasa (1532–1561), Japanese samurai
  • Given name
    • Sōgo Ishii (born 1957), Japanese film director

Usage examples of "sogo".

In the midst of their bloody rampage through Sogo, the Vragax still took time to collect their own dead for whatever it was they considered dignified disposal.

He was just one more outlet for whatever rage had boiled over in Sogo that night.

I spent all summer wandering Sogo city instead of studying astrophysics like I was supposed to .

In less than three months, Kirk and his brother Sam had hiked the woods beyond Sogo city so many times they could actually recognize and find individual trees.

Orions or anybody else got a ship past us and landed under Sogo city without us knowing about it.

Kotsuke no Suke having carefully considered the matter and given his consent, Sogoro was canonized under the name of Sogo Daimiyo, and a shrine was erected in his honour.