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Soga may refer to:

  • Busoga, Basoga or Soga language, the root adjective for referring to the land, culture or language of a group/tribe found in south-east Uganda
  • Machiko Soga, Japanese voice actress
  • Soga (instrument), a percussion instrument
  • Soga (name), a Japanese name
  • Soga clan, a Japanese clan
  • Soga, Guinea-Bissau, an island in the Bissagos Islands
  • Sale of Goods Act, legislation in the United Kingdom relating to the sale of goods.
  • Soga River, a tributary of the Sogozha River in Poshekhonye District, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia
  • Soga Station, a railway station in Japan.

Usage examples of "soga".

It was the design invariably worn by actors portraying the youngest Soga brother in his struggle to avenge his father.

In the late 580s, the Soga prevailed militarily over their opponents and, further strengthened by marriage ties to the imperial family, inaugurated an epoch of great renovation in Japan.

When the Soga became politically dominant in the late sixth century, they established the court at Asuka to the south of present-day Nara, where their seat of territorial power was located.

Buddhist temples in Japan were constructed by the Soga in the late sixth century, none has survived.

Buddhism had previously been patronized by individuals, such as Prince Shotoku and certain chieftains of the Soga family.

And the young man is Naka-no-Oye, an imperial prince and disgruntled member of the Soga clan, which once dominated the court.