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Soers is a community within Aachen and part of the district of Aachen-Laurensberg. The predominantly rural district today stretches from the border of Aachen-Mitte, the central district of Aachen, past the slopes of the Lousberg, a hill in the north of the city. It is a wetland that is drained by several rivers. The Wurm drains at out of the area's north end, and is the only drain of the Rur River in the Aachen Basin. Soers is known mainly as a result of the Old Tivoli, the former football stadium of Alemannia Aachen.

The area's largely undeveloped nature and its easy access to the A4 motorway has caused the community to become further developed in recent years. The police headquarters of Aachen were constructed there, as well as the Aachen Prison and Aachen's tax office.