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The Søo, also known as the Søa, is a river in the municipality of Hemne in Sør-Trøndelag County, Norway.[ Store norske leksikon: Søa] It originates at Lake Søo (Søvatnet) in the municipality of Orkdal and further from Lake Vassli (Vasslivatnet''; , depending on the regulation). The inflow to the Søo is regulated by a -high dam at the west end of Lake Vassli, which serves as a regulation reservoir for the Søa Hydroelectric Power Station.

Its course flows from Lake Vassli through the Søo Valley (Søvassdalen) parallel to European route E39 and further down towards Vinjeøra, but then turns northward about two kilometers east of the village into Lake Ro (Rovatnet; ) before it empties into in the Hemnfjorden at the village of Kyrksæterøra.