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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soe \Soe\, n. [Scot. sae, say, saye; cf. Icel. s[=a]r a large cask, Sw. s? a tub.] A large wooden vessel for holding water; a cowl. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]
--Dr. H. More.


n. (context obsolete English) a large wooden vessel for carrying water, especially one to be carried on a pole between two people.


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Usage examples of "soe".

Kun Soe had not been settled into his quarters at the Berlin mission for more than three days when evidence of the betrayal of Ambassador Sok became apparent.

American said, grabbing Soe by the face and pushing him back inside the embassy.

In an ironic quirk of fate, Soe who had been placed in Berlin because of the criminal actions of another-was put in charge of a smuggling scheme far greater than the one that had gotten him posted to Germany in the first place.

Rim Kun Soe left the old one to his meditation, wondering as he bowed from the library how the young one could possibly hope to get that much gold out of the North Korean embassy unnoticed.

In his love of all things Western, Rim Kun Soe had purchased one of these.

Kun Soe hated the West and everything that remotely resembled the bourgeois American culture.

He was exempt from the laws of his host state, so the police could do nothing to Rim Kun Soe as he was hustled through the line of officers and reporters onto the first plane home.

Even though he had been following the orders of his superior, even though Kim Jong Il himself had turned over use of his jet to the two smugglers, Rim Kun Soe had borne the brunt of the punishment.

Rim Kun Soe had been turned over to a detail that was inspecting the suitcases.

As a member of the Public Security Ministry while at home and particularly during his brief stay in Germany, Rim Kun Soe had always been able to eat his fill.

As Soe looked around, he realized that this was probably the entire airport detachment.

Rim Kun Soe, the disgraced lackey running dog of the capitalist-loving Master of Sinanju?

As Soe bled onto his uniform, the entire group of gathered agents watched the plane touch down.

Remo ordered Rim Kun Soe to stop at the huge stone staircase before the massive building.

He began strangling Soe, banging his injured head against the steel door.