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n. (plural of sod English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sod)


Sods is a term used in the Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia for a mountain top meadow or bog, in an area that is otherwise generally forested. The term is similar (perhaps identical) to that of a " grass bald", a more widespread designation applied throughout the central and southern Appalachian region.

The best known example of a sods is Dolly Sods, a federally designated wilderness area in Tucker County, West Virginia and popular destination for recreationalists. Other examples include Nelson Sods ( Pendleton County) and Baker Sods ( Randolph County).

Usage examples of "sods".

The graveyards are chockablock with murder victims and us dim sods are too thick to see it.

In the distance, a few smears of lights flickered intermittently as the poor sods in the search teams floundered about in the woods.

All those poor sods falling over each other searching the woods and running up our overtime bill have been wasting their time.

I felt a hell of a lot better after telling them what a bunch of useless sods they are.

Before the audience had time to do more than gather breath so that the inevitable awkward sods could yell wise-cracks, the light show let out a brilliant pulse of white light to coincide with a roar of thunder.

The sods had a bloody good root in all our stuff, just for the hell of it.

Huge sods dressed in long black coats, who keep an eye on the place, came over and told the Long to leave.

Tilly or the doctor or the deacon, no, they get to sleep through the night, the sods, I mean the regular officers and seamen.

It was tempting, very tempting, and it would serve those noisy sods right to be turfed out into the dark and cold to search the woods.

You know what them sods at Immigration are like, so I thought it best to get ahead of the game and take it seriously.