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Sodo or Wolaita Sodo is a town and separate woreda in south-central Ethiopia. The administrative center of the Wolaita Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, it has a latitude and longitude of with an elevation between above sea level. It was part of the former Sodo woreda which included Sodo Zuria which completely surrounds it.

Sodo is served by an airport. A 166 kilometers long road connecting Sodo with Chida, whose construction had started in 1994, was completed by early 1999. Featuring an 80-meter Bailey bridge across the Omo river and five other bridges, this road cost 255 million Birr, and reduced the distance between the Regional capital at Awassa and Mizan Teferi to 400 kilometers. According to the SNNPR's Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, Sodo's amenities include digital and mobile telephone access, postal service, 24-hour electrical service, two banks, and a hospital. Sodo is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of Sodo-Hosaena.

Sodo (disambiguation)

Sodo may refer to:

  • Sodo, a town and separate woreda in south-central Ethiopia
  • SoDo, Seattle, Washington, United States
    • SODO (Link station), a light rail station in SoDo, Seattle
  • Sōdō Station, a train station in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
  • Soddo (woreda), in the Gurage Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia
  • Soddo language, a Gurage language spoken in southeastern Ethiopia
  • O-Ie Sōdō, noble family disputes within the samurai and aristocratic classes of Japan
  • Saut-d'Eau, a municipality in the Centre department of Haiti