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n. 1 A small salmon with red flesh, ''Oncorhynchus nerka'', found in the coastal waters of the northern Pacific. 2 The edible flesh of this fish.

  1. n. fatty red flesh of salmon of Pacific coast and rivers [syn: red salmon, sockeye salmon]

  2. small salmon with red flesh; found in rivers and tributaries of the northern Pacific and valued as food; adults die after spawning [syn: sockeye salmon, red salmon, blueback salmon, Onchorynchus nerka]

Sockeye (disambiguation)

Sockeye refers to a species of salmon.

Sockeye may also refer to:

  • Richmond Sockeyes, an ice hockey team from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Sockeye Networks, a former technology company purchased by Internap
  • Seattle Sockeye, is a men's ultimate team based in Seattle, Washington.

Usage examples of "sockeye".

Each of the different cultural groups such as coho, steelhead and sockeye have different times and styles in which they run to spawn in the upland streams, but each of their cultures show a similarity of adaptation to the earth.

The quinnat or spring salmon is the largest and best table fish, and is followed in the latter part of the summer by the sockeye, which runs in enormous numbers up the Fraser and Skeena rivers.

The silver salmon or cohoe arrives a little later than the sockeye, but is not much used for packing except when required to make up deficiencies.

His body falls and lunges the same as always, like the times as a child he carried sockeye salmon sandwiches down to the salmon hatcheries for lunch.

For all he knew it might be full of boot polish, sockeye salmon or putty.

Today they were turning up their wet black noses at a delicious serving of top-quality red sockeye salmon with the black skin removed.