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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sociologist \So`ci*ol"o*gist\, n. One who treats of, or devotes himself to, the study of sociology.
--J. S. Mill.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1843, from sociology + -ist.


n. A scientist studying the field of sociology; a social scientist


n. a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society

Usage examples of "sociologist".

Canadian sociologist Reginald Bibby has shown that fewer than 10 percent of those who join evangelical churches come from outside the evangelical community, and most of that 10 percent usually come from other churches or through intermarriage.

Klein had only one friend with whom he dared talk about it, a colleague of his at UCLA, a sleek little Parsee sociologist from Bombay named Framji Jijibhoi, who was as deep into the elaborate new subculture of the deads as a warm could get.

Sociologists have used the group known as the Jackson Whites as a test group somewhat like the Jukes and Kallikaks, and Cranston had read up on their findings.

The modern state needs, for example, pamphlet-writers, poster artists, illustrators, broadcasters, lecturers, film producers, actors, song composers, even painters and sculptors, not to mention psychologists, sociologists, biochemists, mathematicians and what-not.

Several legislators have joined sociologists in condemning the program as cruel and exploitative.

Leonard Schatzman, a medical sociologist at the University of California Medical Center, in 1966 completed a field study of fifteen medical centres over a period of eight years concentrating on psychiatrists and their staffs.

The sociologists try to attain it, but all they get is a mound of raw indigestible data.

League frontiers, sociologists estimated that the play-off for the Galactic Pennant would occur in about 500 years.

These facts, mostly neglected by sociologists and yet of the first importance for the life and further elevation of mankind, we are now going to analyze, beginning with the standing institutions of mutual support, and passing next to those acts of mutual aid which have their origin in personal or social sympathies.

But when we pass from public life to the private life of the modern individual, we discover another extremely wide world of mutual aid and support, which only passes unnoticed by most sociologists because it is limited to the narrow circle of the family and personal friendship.

Sociologists James Bossard and Eleanor Boll, after examining one hundred published autobiographies, found seventy-three in which the writers described procedures which were "unequivocally classifiable as family rituals.

In a famous study of a Canadian suburb they call Crestwood Heights, sociologists J.

A street crime has a victim, who typically reports the crime to the police, who generate data, which in turn generate thousands of academic papers by criminologists, sociologists, and economists.

One day, some nosy sociologist of science would be able to go through his work with a fine-toothed comb, searching for evidence of fudging and fraud.

The sociologists who designed the population balance tried not only to mix people used to cold weather with those who weren't, but also to mix groups who might get along with each other and share characteristics that would make for a more successful adjustment to the environment.