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social sciences

n. (plural of social science English)

Usage examples of "social sciences".

He's spent his life as an innovative junior and senior high school social sciences teacher.

At best, history is classified among the social sciences, of which it rates as the least scientific.

Such an institute, staffed with top caliber men and women from all the sciences and social sciences, would take as its purpose the collection and systematic integration of predictive reports generated by scholars and imaginative thinkers in all the intellectual disciplines all over the world.

For a start, by far the majority of the signers were not climate scientists but political representatives from their respective countries, ranging all the way from Albania to Zimbabwe, with degrees in the social sciences.

A luncheon of the Chemists, a reception at the Museum of Natural History and the Mineralogical Club, a dinner at the Institute of Social Sciences, and a great meeting at Carnegie Hall, where many delegations represented the faculties and students of women's colleges and universities.

In his view the humanities and social sciences shrank to specialized branches of both mathematics and biology.

Why does a science officer interest himself in the finer points of the social sciences?

True, the social sciences may not be as exact as the physical ones, but they are related.

Although many writers of science fiction have degrees in the physical or social sciences, very few of them are actually practicing scientists.