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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soberly \So"ber*ly\, adv. In a sober manner; temperately; cooly; calmly; gravely; seriously.


Soberly \So"ber*ly\, a. Grave; serious; solemn; sad. [Obs.]

[He] looked hollow and thereto soberly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "temperately;" late 14c., "gravely," from sober (adj.) + -ly (2).


adv. In a sober manner; temperately; coolly; calmly; gravely; seriously.


adv. in a grave and sober manner; "he walked soberly toward the altar" [syn: gravely, staidly]

Usage examples of "soberly".

Tonight the same young man who had so curiously watched the Baptist weeks before stood alone within the solitude of the cloisters and gazed soberly above him.

The Baptist said nothing at all but walked to the mouth of the cave and peered soberly toward the starry night sky.

Hence it was a custom upon the making up of covenants, for the parties covenanting, soberly to feast together.

The three soberly attired men across the table were President Hakit Botal of Okamis, and the Duumviri Prigo and Ga-Bondies, who jointly governed the Imlit Republic.

God soberly here where you see me, in front of this very oven turning out delicious loaves of bread shaped in the four concerns of my life.

But she looked at him soberly, and her fingers formed a mudra he could not read.

He went on soberly, saying: The prophecy is concerning the kinsman redeemer, one of the ancients sent by Onan, the Lord of the Past, to redeem us from the destruction of this polluted world.

And if he were not weary, he was in the thick of his work or resting momentarily from it or sitting soberly beside the scarred head of mother bruin or romping wildly with the cubs.

I was carefully manoeuvring myself around a red-necked raver in a rabbit-fish ragout, when I spotted the sweetmeat known as Sarah standing soberly by the sound system, swigging Sauternes and savouring a sauerkraut sandwich.

Mossop must be thirty-odd now and looked more, soberly bespectacled and sombrely dressed, grinning nervously as if uncertain what pose to strike for the camera.

But unless the claim be soberly put forth--and I am not sure that this may not be the case--that the vivisector has a right to work in complete secrecy, and to hide his methods from the world, he cannot complain at being the reporter of his own activities.

His mood of frenzied self-advertisement receded, alas, and I have to report that he then talked pretty soberly and fluently for well over an hour bearish, grinning, gesturing, his laughter frayed by hidden wildness.

Within the space of minutes, she glimpsed beggars, peasant labourers, tradesmen and shopkeepers, market women and grisettes, students, liveried servants and footmen, assorted soberly clad bourgeois, sailors, uniformed gendarmes, Royal Guardsmen and shabbily bedizened females who could only have been prostitutes, mingling freely in the streets.

On the surface of the cloth stream that poured past him, he pictured radiant futures wherein he performed prodigies of toil, invented miraculous machines, won to the mastership of the mills, and in the end took her in his arms and kissed her soberly on the brow.

The wise youth Adrian observed these further progressionary developments in his pupil, soberly cynical.