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Paul Boyer, better known as SOAZ, is a French League of Legends player who is the top laner for Origen of the EU LCS. He has also played for fnatic and against All authority (aAa). While on aAa sOAZ was a runner-up in the Season 1 World Championship. sOAZ is one of the most decorated players to play in the EU LCS, having won three split titles ( 2015 Spring EU LCS, 2014 Spring EU LCS, 2013 Summer EU LCS, 2013 Spring EU LCS).

sOAZ left fnatic on December 23, 2014 and soon after joined former teammate xPeke, who founded Origen. SOAZ is one of nine players who have qualified for 3 World Championships, along with XPeke, Andy "Reginald" Dinh, Nyph, CyanideFI, TheOddOne, Xpecial, Candy Panda and Watch