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Soay (pronounced "so - ay") is the name of several Scottish islands. It is Sòdhaigh (sometimes anglicised "Soaigh") in Scottish Gaelic, and comes from the Old Norseso-ey meaning "island of sheep". It may refer to:

  • Soay, St Kilda in the St Kilda group
  • Soay, Skye off south west Skye
  • The neighbouring islands of Soay Mòr and Soay Beag in the Outer Hebrides

It may also refer to:

  • Soay sheep the native, primitive sheep from St Kilda.

Usage examples of "soay".

The Vikings put the sheep on Eileann nan Shoay - Shoay or Soay is the old word for sheep, you know.

In the western islands of Mull, Rhum, Eigg, Canna, and Soay, we found excellent training grounds—small landing areas of sand in an otherwise impossible rocky coast.

Many of the descriptions of classic British sea monsters, such as the Soay monster, suggest the leather back turtle as a convincing explanation.