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Soan (singer)

Julien Decroix, better known as Soan, (born on 4 May 1981) is a French singer-songwriter who won in 2009 the seventh series of the French music competition Nouvelle Star.


Soan or Soans may refer to:

  • Soan (singer), French singer, winner of Nouvelle Star
  • Soan River, a river in Punjab, Pakistan
  • Soan Sakaser Valley, a valley in northern Punjab, Pakistan
  • Soan Meeraas, a Kashmiri language newspaper of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Soan industry, a crude pebble industry of the Paleolithic.

Usage examples of "soan".

And the deaths of those who had been trapped in the flaming spaceliner were still a debt on his conscience, waiting to be discharged by the only thing that in decency could do soan act that would preserve the future for the human race.

Beside Hawkins, the diminutive Bajoran Lauoc Soan simply nodded in agreement.