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n. (plural of snug English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: snug)

Usage examples of "snugs".

She wandered into some of the branching spaces, watching the few people that sat or walked through them, hearing music from the snugs, the occasional laugh, the muted, musical speech of caravanersii.

Some Trees were specialised procurement factories, others were accommodation based with snugs of various sizes bubbling within the warm matrix of the Tree itself.

And, surrounded by the innumerable appendages of the motile Trees, as candles began to flicker in a hundred different snugs and people began devoting themselves to their partners, she would hear the proud declarations of pleasure.

It was a Victorian pub, well preserved, with gas lighting and a wall lined with snugs, each with its own table and its own door for privacy.

A series of spiraling corridors and winding staircases led up from its base like a path weaving around a hill, breaking occasionally for defensive bastions, archers' roosts, chambers, walled-in snugs, and recessed alcoves with cut stone benches known as graymeets.