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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Snobbism \Snob"bism\, n. Snobbery.


n. A snobbish attitude, particularly in relation to art or high culture.

Usage examples of "snobbism".

West Side, and like many risen plebes was driven by that reverse snobbism that assumes breeding to be a personality flaw.

It seemed that the Union Cyclist Internationale had banned the use of recumbents in official racing in 1938, Terran reckoning, and a peculiar snobbism had kept offworld parvenus from popularizing them in air biking.

But go to the Old Catholics for top drawer snobbism and your real streak of madness, the Anglicans are just the bastard child, perfidious Albion and all the rest of it, you want a taste of the social caste system in all its cruelty and duplicity?

These rooms--a laundry room, a storage pantry, and a dairy room--were, in a form of reverse snobbism, our favorite part of the house.

I accused myself of provincialism and inverse snobbism and kept on going.

Maybe he was going through the same sort of reverse snobbism that affects well-to-do American teenagers.

Southern California in its fascistic snobbism, definitely a restaurant to be seen in.

With a touch of snobbism which he recognised as childish at the time he refrained from mentioning the fact.

This was not simple snobbism but a reflection of experience in the absence of training.