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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1800, from sneeze (n.) + -y (2).


a. 1 Prone to sneeze with little (if any) nasal agitation. 2 Characterised by sneezes.


adj. inclined to sneeze

Usage examples of "sneezy".

The boy made the mistake of translating his name literally for his classmates, and naturally they called him Sneezy after that.

And he bounced across the trampoline and gave Sneezy a push that sent him flying into the tai-chi instructor robot.

Harold was not being overbearing, and Sneezy not sullenly resentful, they were friends.

Even eight-year-old Sneezy had done it many times, alone or with classmates.

But he was not much taller than Sneezy, whose people were all emaciated and elongated by human standards.

Though Harold tried to climb the handholds to the docking levels faster than Sneezy, the Heechee boy kept up easily.

Heechee are no better at reading human expressions than humans are with those of the Heechee, but Sneezy could see the strain lines on her face and the sweat on her brow.

In the golden, a hard, brown piece of something she said was fish, although neither Sneezy nor Harold was willing to taste it to find out.

And Sneezy was simply baffled by the entire concept of owning land at all.

Heechee did not usually practice violence on each other, but Sneezy was a very young Heechee, not as civilized as he would be in another decade or so.

As they hurried down the long passageway to the crossway where both their homes were, Sneezy right, Harold left, he was framing the questions in his mind.

Questions about Oniko that Sneezy still wanted very much to ask his parents.

And, after a moment, Sneezy laughed, too, although of course the Heechee laugh was not quite the same sound or rictus as the human.

But Sneezy had trouble emptying his mind, because there was a question.

Wroczek, and Sneezy politely looked away as Harold began to cry at the parting.