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a. (context informal English) sneer, supercilious.

Usage examples of "sneery".

She saw a gold lion on a red banner and thought of Joffrey, wishing he was here so she could drive Needle through his sneery face.

I remember that Mark made a kind of sneery grin when I pointed all of this out.

He was also very boastful and started to make with a very sneery litso at us all and a loud proud goloss.

His voice was soft and neutral and that surprised her because she expected lawyers would ask questions with gruff voices, sneery and mean.

The sneery chuckle that he gave came from his recollection of the delight that the stupid directors had displayed when Falsythe thwacked the brief case and proclaimed its contents as important.

There was a sweatered husky on watch, a stocky fellow whose sneery eyes frequently looked toward Harry.

Only one man in the world could combine that much sneery contempt and sexual challenge in a smile!

Marina had that sneery dismissive sound to her voice, as if she had more important things on her mind.