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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sneer \Sneer\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Sneered; p. pr. & vb. n. Sneering.] [OE. sneren, Dan. sn?rre to snarl or grin (like a dog); cf. Prov. E. sneer to grin, sner to snort, snert to sneer at. See Snore, v. i.]

  1. To show contempt by turning up the nose, or by a particular facial expression.

  2. To inssinuate contempt by a covert expression; to speak derisively.

    I could be content to be a little sneared at.

  3. To show mirth awkwardly. [R.]

    Syn: To scoff; gibe; jeer.

    Usage: Sneer, Scoff, Jeer. The verb to sneer implies to cast contempt indirectly or by covert expressions. To jeer is stronger, and denotes the use of several sarcastic reflections. To scoff is stronger still, implying the use of insolent mockery and derision.

    And sneers as learnedly as they, Like females o'er their morning tea.

    Midas, exposed to all their jeers, Had lost his art, and kept his ears.

    The fop, with learning at defiance, Scoffs at the pedant and science.


vb. (en-past of: sneer)

Usage examples of "sneered".

He had tittered nervously at the story about the bureaucrat and turned brick red when Ollery and the senior mate sneered at him.

Alpha sneered on her way down the corridor, "small-time plans for a small person.

He would certainly have sneered to be in the company of all the young ones who had earned their flying tickets since Landing.

He sneered at the flattery and the appeal to his competence and demanded to know just how much the trip was worth in terms of a holding and other rights.

But still, twenty per cent wasn’t to be sneered at, not when it came to a straight eight hundred thousand fuseodollars, half in advance.

A flash of icy anger twisted Kiera’s thoughts, while Al simply sneered scornfully.

Vierna sneered, the word rolling off her tongue like the whistle of the matron mistress's snake whip.

Before it even bothered to get up, the kobold foolishly sneered in contempt at the mercenary leader.

Two of them were plainly relieved at this turn of events—not even the most battle-thirsty drow relished the idea of fighting the deadly bats—but the third, a tall drow with short-cropped hair and a tattooed cheek, sneered in open contempt.

Behind Akeela's back he had secretly sneered at the notion of peace, sure that King Karis would snub the offer.

Orage sneered at the storm as if it were an enemy to attack on the field of battle.

Just ‘cause you ride a fine horse and keep a fancy lady don’t make you right,” the bailiff sneered as he retreated half a pace.

We still bear the scar of your blade on our throat,” John sneered as he tilted his chin to reveal a thin white line beneath his ear.

You seek to startle me with mere illusion,” I sneered as I forced myself to tighten my grip.

And when I sought to comfort him, saying it was done according to an older law of self-preservation to which even the most ancient rulers gave allegiance, he sneered at me and asked if I thought him a weakling.