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The Collaborative International Dictionary

vb. (obsolete spelling of sny lang=en nodot=1) (gloss: abound, swarm, teem, be infested). (17th century)


Snee may refer to:

Usage examples of "snee".

From the files Crisp showed me, she was promoted three days after she started work on the Eribonn Snee case.

Terwijl ze wachtte tot de foto was ontwikkeld gaf ze hem een injectie en spoot ze een verdovend middel op de snee boven zijn oog.

Knives of every size, brief poinards, broadswords, even elaborate scimitars and snees, bristled among them.

Sneed Banducci, who herded her through a seething maggotry of reporters to a nearby cathedral where he announced that Estrella would take confession before holding a press conference.

Captain Drobeck fussed nervously with his trouser creases and hoped his shoes were spit shined well enough by his adjutant, Sergeant Sneed, who learned such things while a trombone player in the U.