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SND may refer to:

  • SND (file), a digital audio file format
  • Au file format, a digital audio file format which sometimes uses the file extension ".snd"
  • SND (band), a Sheffield-based electronic music duo
  • Society for News Design, an international professional organization for graphic artists, illustrators and designers specializing in newspapers and journalism
  • Scottish National Dictionary
  • Serbian National Defense Council, a Serbian diaspora activist organization
  • Sinus node dysfunction
  • Slovak National Theatre (Slovenské národné divadlo)
  • Sindhi language's ISO 639 code
  • SND, suffix title of a sister in the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
  • SND Experiment (particle physics)
  • SND Films, film distributor
SND (file)

A SND (SouND) file is a digital sound file format. There is more than one in existence [disambiguation page needed].

Most commonly a .snd file contains a NeXT sound file. This is essentially the same as the au file format used by Sun Microsystems. The first four bytes of a .snd file contain the hex number 0x2e736e64 which displays as ".snd" when interpreted as ASCII text.

Another .snd file format is attributed to Apple Inc. Data stored in such files are commands for the Macintosh Sound Manager including ' wavetable' sample-based instruments and sound samples. Thus it is some kind of improved midi format. As well it can serve as a pure audio file format if only one command and one sound sample is stored in it. In this format, the first two bytes specify a 16-bit integer contain the number 1 or 2.

Programs supporting audio files with the .snd extension generally assume (and check) that it is NeXT/SUN (AU) format.

The manufacturer of electronic music instruments AKAI had an audio file format with the extension .snd. The first byte contains the number 1 and the second the number 4.

Snd (band)

snd are Mark Fell and Mat Steel, a pair of Sheffield DJs and musicians whose work has been described as glitch. Naming their project after the extension often used for computer sound files, Fell and Steel are both expert programmers who disdain the usual electronics route of audio software or instruments. During 1998-99, they debuted with the "Tplay" single and Newtables EP on their own .snd label. In July 1999, Mille Plateaux released the debut album, Makesnd Cassette, with Stdiosnd Types following one year later. Their most recent album, Atavism, was released in 2009 by Raster-Noton.

Usage examples of "snd".

Droids blown into shards, Geonosians dead in droves, Jedi killed snd hideously maimed.

Zimmerman from temporary duty with Snd Raider Bn, USMC, and VMF-229 are confirmed and made a matter of record.

He ignored the sensations that attacked him the pressing closeness, the imagined whispers, the discomfiting deadness Snd kept his concentration focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

Peter snd Sally were deep in argument over her wedding plans, Lou and Keith were in the throes of becoming acquainted, and Beverly was getting drunker by the minute.