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a. 1 resembling a snake. Long, thin and flexible; waving about in a snake-like manner. 2 Like that of a snake; as, a snakelike tongue


adj. resembling a serpent in form; "a serpentine wall"; "snaky ridges in the sand" [syn: serpentine, snaky]

Usage examples of "snakelike".

Snakelike vines hung all about them, and they swatted at the stinging deerflies and mosquitoes.

Off Emden, where the Dutch coast joins the German, she dropped some grappling gear overboard with a dull splash, and shortly there rose dripping from the sea great snakelike monsters, covered with mud and seaweed.

Fen was there, smiling brightly as she held up the red gown with the flowers and snakelike dragons Lady Hsin had given to her.

The raised rib down the center, instead of being straight, was cunningly worked in a wavy, snakelike, leaflike pattern.

Perhaps they had evolved from something snakelike or lionlike, but they were vastly different now, armed with powers still unknown.

The snakelike sibilance Udo used in reply showed that he was not to be deterred from sound, at least.

Doglike forms and batlike forms and snakelike forms were arriving and settling and moving into position in a huge encircling mass all around us, like spectators coming into a stadium.

Every muscle was tight and swollen and the great beast half crouched, the flat snakelike head lifted as though to counter the weight of those long white fangs that curved down almost to touch the fluffy fur of his chest.

But finally, after twelve years, he pinpointed the location of the ivory: it was on Belamone XI, a frigid little oxygen world inhabited by the Nightcrawlers, snakelike beings that had recently pledged their allegiance to the Republic.

Eumachus and Marcus Marius split their hundred thousand men away from the three hundred thousand belonging to Mithridates, supplies were running so short that the King was obliged to send snakelike trails of men back many miles to struggling oxcarts and make these men carry heavy loads of foods on their shoulders to feed the army.

As she spoke, another departing male guest came from behind Carlie and placed in her hand a snakelike article--a thing that Miss Lowe seized and concealed with one sweeping gesture.

         The scene was pandemonium divided into two snakelike strips of bodies: UAES, Teamsters, banners on sticks, shouts and catcalls, three feet of sidewalk separating the factions, a debrisfilled gutter and studio walls bracketing the lines down a quartermile-long city block.

A chill, chiming mist dived between two curving, moss-covered phandars, and slid snakelike through a rent in a crumbling wall.

Her hand was still holding the receiver and the cord lay snakelike, half in, half out of the call box, as the lightning knifed again and showed a waxen face.

He looked at the battling monsters—and saw the snakelike hair of the catoblepas twined around the head of the argus, gripping it by horns, ears, scales, and eyeballs—anything available.