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Apple and the milchie white: neere to the which, were her purple and Cherry cheekes, beautified with two round smyling dimples, gracing the pleasure of her countenaunce, of the collour of the fresh Roses gathered at the rysing of the Sunne, and layde in a vessell of the Christall of Cyprus, and shewing through the same, as me thought.

Her snowy brest was bare to readie spoyleOf hungry eies, which n'ote therewith be fild,And yet through languour of her late sweet toyle,Few drops, more cleare then Nectar, forth distild,That like pure Orient perles adowne it trild,And her faire eyes sweet smyling in delight,Moystened their fierie beames, with which she thrildFraile harts, yet quenched not.