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SMX (computer language)

SMX (from Server Macro Expansion) is a macro processing language designed to embed macros in web pages. Originally shipped with the popular Internet Factory's Commerce Builder software, it has been ported as an Apache module.


SMX may refer to:

As an abbreviation:

  • SMX (computer language), "Server Macro Expansion", a macro language for web pages
  • SMX (operating system), a Unix-like simulator on SPARC, the "SunOS/Solaris MINIX"
  • SMX (programmable logic controller) A franchise of many component level service centers in India for repair of PLC ie. Programmable Logic Controller
  • Standard Musical Expression, a representation of simple music in ASCII that was used in some DOS software such as QBasic
  • SMX Convention Center, besides the Mall of Asia, largest private venue in Philippines
  • Sulfamethoxazole, an antibiotic whose abbreviations include SMX
  • Honda S-MX, a mini van sold by the Honda Motor Company
  • Spatial multiplexing, MIMO wireless transmission technique, sometimes abbreviated SMX
  • Select Mixed Choir, Little Miami High School's elite vocal chorus
  • Search Marketing Expo and its SMX Conference, related to Danny Sullivan (technologist)
  • Singapore Mercantile Exchange, in Singapore, abbreviated SMX
  • SmX RNA, a ribonucleic acid in some species of nematode worms, linked to the SmY RNA
  • S.M.X., director of Revelation at the 1999 New York Underground Film Festival

As a code:

  • Santa Maria Public Airport, in California, IATA code SMX
  • C.A.I. First, regional Italian airline, ICAO airline code SMX
  • SMTC Corporation, electronics manufacturing services in Canada, TSX/Toronto ticker code SMX
  • Sanmenxia, a prefecture-level city in Henan, China, governmental code SMX
  • Sendmail X, now MeTA1, mail server coded smX
  • Special Mobile Machine—Exempt, prefix SMX, on vehicle registration plates of Colorado