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SMV may refer to:

SMV (band)

SMV was a bass guitar supergroup formed in 2008. The group's name comes from the first initials of each of its members, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten. The collaboration gained momentum when the three first played together at a concert held by Bass Player magazine in New York City in 2006, where Miller and Wooten joined Clarke on stage to present him with the magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award. SMV's debut album, Thunder, was released on August 12, 2008, with a supporting world tour beginning the same month.

SMV (Sanctuary Music Vault)

SMV (Sanctuary Music Vault) are a music writing and production team based in London, England. They are the Eric Appapoulay, David McEwan and Cassell The BeatMaker. SMV are best known as the co-producers/writers of Plan B's Number one album " The Defamation of Strickland Banks".

Operating from The sanctuary recording studio in South London, they have recently produced the Garou album " Rhythm and Blues", which went to Platinum in France.

The team individually work on projects, but collaboration from the other members is usually involved. These Projects have recently included mixing the BBC documentary series Human Planet in 5.1 and co-writing, producing and recording parts of Plan B's Albums " iLL Manors" and "The Ballad of Belmarsh".