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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1825 (n.), variant of mush. As a verb, by 1980.


n. 1 A beaten or pulverized mass. 2 An act of crushing or squeeze. vb. 1 (context transitive English) to mash; or push; especially to push down or in; compress 2 (context slang New York US English) To engage in intimate contact, especially sexual relations.


Smush is an American game show which aired on the USA Network in 2001.

Usage examples of "smush".

So I promise Doctor Armand I will come back some day to see him, and then Lily hauls off and gives me a big kiss right in the smush and this astonishes me so much that it is half an hour afterward before I think to wipe it off.

Furthermore, as he walks into the house, all dressed up in a cutaway coat, and a high hat, he grabs Miss Amelia Bodkin in his arms, and kisses her ker-plump right on the smush, which information I afterward receive from the old guy who seems to be the butler.

You can smush it, wad it up, sit on it, twist it, or roll it in a ball.

The lid compresses the top of my head and smushes me down like a jack-in-the-box.

All around it cars got dented and torched and smushed flat as a pancake, but nothing ever happened to Big Blue.

My outfit got smushed and Dad and I arrived late to the dinner because I had to iron everything.

And Grandma scooped up a wad of cake and icing and smushed it into my mothers face.

I didn't want to trash Ranger's apartment, and the shoes were coated with chocolate milkshake and some smushed cheeseburger.

That's all he'd need, some city dork accidentally smushing one of JoLayne's precious babies.

Jaylee crawled over him, doing a good job of smushing her breast across, his stomach as she grabbed for the bottle on the floor beside the bed.

The force of it crumpled the hood like tin foil and drove the shocks down so that the frame smushed up against the tires.