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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Smouch \Smouch\, v. t. [Akin to smack.] To kiss closely. [Obs.]
--P. Stubbes.


Smouch \Smouch\, v. t. [See Smutch.] To smutch; to soil; as, to smouch the face.


Smouch \Smouch\, n. A dark soil or stain; a smutch.


n. 1 A smutch; a stain or smudge. 2 (context US English) A loud kiss, a smooch. vb. 1 To stain or smudge, to smutch. 2 (context US English) To kiss loudly or closely. 3 To take dishonestly or unfairly, to steal from or cheat out of.

Usage examples of "smouch".

Then the king 'll get it again, and it 'll be a long day before he gives anybody another chance to smouch it from him.

There's a gaudy big grindstone down at the mill, and we'll smouch it, and carve the things on it, and file out the pens and the saw on it, too.

They would smouch provisions from the pantry whenever they got a chance.

We smouched the grindstone, and set out to roll her home, but it was a most nation tough job.