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Crossword clues for smocks


n. (plural of smock English)

Usage examples of "smocks".

From the box, he pulled breeches and camouflage smocks of a pattern Mallory had last seen in Crete.

Frenchmen watched without curiosity or humour as Mai-lory, Miller and Andrea pulled the German smocks and trousers over their khaki battledress.

She had been wearing an overcoat, two shawls, and a couple of peasant smocks of some kind.

They were dressed in Waffen-SS smocks, camouflage trousers and steel helmets.

And then, after a couple of weeks of that, he hops back over the pond to screw the smocks off Selina!

Without their flamboyant enameled armor they were a rough and tatty-looking crew, dressed in rusty, sweat-stained smocks and trews.

Two more maids waited inside, wearing only short white smocks and wilted hair.