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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Smirky \Smirk"y\, a. Smirk; smirking.


a. smirk, or as if smirking

Usage examples of "smirky".

Then again, there are a lot of smirky, smart-ass rednecks who've learned the wisdom of backing off when Ruby Bee gets a certain tightness to her mouth.

Physical contact within the gender is pretty much limited to smirky nudges and fistfights.

There I was, willing to share my ideas and pass along information, and in return, I was rewarded with smirky intonations, delicately arched eyebrows, and those damn teeth.

I’d garnered enough attention, some of it curious and some of it smirky, to be glad to have him beside me, and unless I’d misjudged him a second time, I was safe from the advances of the rednecks in the room.

He looked at me in a smirky way as I heaved in great lungfuls of air, nodding his head at some inner satisfaction.