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n. (plural of smirk English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: smirk)

Usage examples of "smirks".

She stumbled over the unfamiliar word, eliciting several poorly concealed smirks of amusement and one scandalized gasp from a blue-haired woman.

The ape-body smirks at her: "I'm afraid he's rather disappointed by my dress.

She walks like a shadow, climbs like a lizard, and smirks at the most formidable locks.

If he had, he would have seen flashes of malicious pleasure in their crimson eyes and smirks on their dark faces.

A few also raised their hands to smother smirks at the sight of Tobin and Ki's leathers.

He ended the evening splattered with grease and plum sauce, then had to endure the snickers and smirks of the others during the evening's hearth entertainments.

After being given at least fifty omniscient smirks, I could no longer stand it.

I wandered a few feet from my post to engage in appropriately subdued dialogue about poor Mildred, but I realized that I was again garnering smirks from those who had read the damnable book.