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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Smileless \Smile"less\, a. Not having a smile.


a. Without a smile, unsmiling.

Usage examples of "smileless".

We could not get near the fire, so we moved at large in the artic spaces, among a multitude of people who sat silent, smileless, forlorn, and shivering--thinking what fools they were to come, perhaps.

Blue with the scopic glasses and the cold smileless expression looked as if his early nutrient had been an exclusive diet of sea-mineral, from the cranial bulge and the X-ray manner in which he stared at her.

Among the students—who, in the tradition of students the world over, had created nicknames for their sensei in order to regain at least a semblance of the control that the ryu took from them—he was known as "the smileless man.