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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short form of smidgen, 1902, American English dialect.


n. (alternative form of smidgen English)


n. a tiny or scarcely detectable amount [syn: shred, scintilla, whit, iota, tittle, smidgen, smidgeon, smidgin]

Usage examples of "smidge".

Everyone in town takes advice from His Holiness on the matter, when if His Holiness had a smidge of wizardry, he would never have a hole in his roof, now would he?

I think at sane point Gwynna was wise enough to the ways of the world to see that her niece had it a smidge better than she did, being at least the illegitimate dauqhter of someone titled rather than a coattail relative.

Smiling politely and thanking Strawberry Shortcake profusely for every smidge of service.

A dab of cover-up under her eyes, a smidge of brown liner and mascara, a slick of pink gloss on her lips.