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Smbat, Sambat, Smpad or Sempad may refer to:

  • Smbat IV Bagratuni (died 616/7), Armenian noble in Byzantine and Sasanian service, marzpan of Hyrcania and Armenia
  • Smbat VI Bagratuni (died 726), presiding prince of Armenia
  • Smbat VII Bagratuni (died 775), presiding prince of Armenia
  • Smbat I (850–912), Smbat the Martyr, king of Armenia from 890 to 912
  • Smbat II, king of Armenia from 977 to 990
  • Smbat III (d. 1042), king of Armenia from 1020 to 1040. Also known as Hovhannes-Smbat of Ani.
  • Sempad the Constable (1208–1276), noble in the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. Diplomat, judge, historian and military commander, brother of King Hetoum I
  • Sempad, King of Armenia (1277–1310), king of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from 1296 to 1298
  • Smbat Shahaziz (1840–1908), an Armenian poet
  • Smpad Piurad (1862–1915), Armenian writer and victim of the Armenian Genocide
  • Smbat Baroyan (1875–1956), an Armenian fedayee commander during the Armenian national movement.
  • Smbat Lputian (b. 1958), an Armenian chess grandmaster
  • Sambat is sometimes considered to have been used as the Khazar name for Kiev.