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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Cusack plays the mayor with passion and political smarts.
▪ But since then, that has changed, as Burns impressed senators with her smarts, dedication and political savvy.
▪ Elena, for all her smarts as a seasoned reporter, is an innocent abroad.
▪ Gretel: A little girl with her own smarts and a trust in her brother.
▪ He plays the mayor with great passion and political smarts.
▪ In a city that prides itself on street smarts, some New Yorkers today are praying for a snow job.
▪ Or to ensure blue eyes, long legs, good skin and Harvardbound smarts?
▪ You can almost feel Bob in Tuff Gong's mixture of business smarts with almost religious principles.

n. (context informal chiefly US English) intelligence; smartness vb. (en-third-person singular of: smart)


Smarts may refer to:

  • Smiles arbitrary target specification, a line notation language for specifying molecular query patterns
  • Smarts Mountain, a mountain in New Hampshire
  • "Smarts", a slang term for intelligence
  • Simple Model of the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer of Sunshine or SMARTS, a computer programme,

Usage examples of "smarts".

Or better yet, the Catteni will get a dose of the smarts and start collaborating with the irresistible Terran forces and go out against the Eosi domination and free the entire galaxy!

I don't know where you were on Barevi, but I learned that some of the aliens got lust as many smarts as I do.

And if they've any smarts at all, once they've seen reports of that monster, they'll stay the hell away from Botany.

Got stampeded by last night's heat lightning, and with the smarts only such dumb critters possess, they headed right toward the thick­est congregation of felines anywhere in Cardiff.

According to forensic reports Smarts wasn't the only person to wear that face.

The face that Smarts had been wearing for the past two years had been stolen.

Since it took a long time for new songs to filter out to places like Freeport, and since it was the larger, more expensive joints up on the hills that paid the top prices for all the new material that came in on the caravans, the owner, if he'd had any smarts, would have instructed Doc to play tunes that were old enough to have some kind of nostalgia value.

Studying had to be a breeze for anyone with a few smarts and a good memory.

When Mr Smarts took my copy from me and said he'd check it during lunch and return it to me that afternoon in science — I had him for that as well — I was too downhearted to thank him for his promptness.

Even when Mr Smarts threw my maths copy at me in science and bawled furiously, I only smiled, nodded and tuned him out.

I still had Mr Smarts for science, but he was more understanding now that he knew I hadn't been faking ignorance, and spent a lot of time helping me catch up.