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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Smaragdine \Sma*rag"dine\, a. [L. smaragdinus, Gr. ????.] Of or pertaining to emerald; resembling emerald; of an emerald green.


a. 1 Of or pertaining to emeralds. 2 Having the colour of emeralds. n. emerald.

Usage examples of "smaragdine".

I turned my head again to the sea, and looking down into its smaragdine depths, let go of the victualistic store which I had been industriously accumulating ever since I had come through the lines.

The big doors to the water were open, giving an occasional draft of welcome cool air, and you could see smudges of black woodsmoke drifting out over the smaragdine brightness of the harbor.

Jorian, looking up at the lion-sized smaragdine frog, in whose depths green lights seemed to glow and waver.

On a transverse axis, vision reached from glittering blue across the Sea of Marmora to a mast-crowded Golden Horn and the rich suburbs and smaragdine heights beyond.