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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
small-town values
▪ Finally within the context of small-town morphology, we might briefly consider the question of the location of cemeteries.
▪ He wouldn't look twice at a small-town girl, even if she could design wedding dresses.
▪ In his elegant clothes, Wilfred could have passed easily for Bat Masterson instead of a small-town banker.
▪ Nor were they inconsequential gossip and rumor being whispered by small-town idlers on local street corners.
▪ Novelist Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt was the archetypal small-town booster.
▪ Such diversity is to be expected and may indicate different categories of settlement within the small-town range.
▪ They found, however, that this relationship only held up for workers in small-town settings.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"unsophisticated, provincial," 1824, from noun phrase, from small (adj.) + town.


a. Pertaining to a small town; provincial.

Usage examples of "small-town".

OFF THE Mangrove Coast From the jungles of Borneo to the hidden canyons of the American West, from small-town fight clubs to a Parisian cafe at the end of World War II, these are tales of betrayal and revenge, courage and cowardice, glory and greed, as only Louis L Amour can tell them.

Though it was a puzzlement to him how the daughter of a drifter and a grifter executed a one-eighty to become a small-town homebody, the fact that puzzles were his business made it, and her, only more interesting.

The small-town shopkeeper, the reformed grifter, the damsel in distress?

Roosevelt Raceway that night described the blinding speed of this blood bay colt no differently from the farmers and the small-town folk of the fairs who had seen Bonfire.

He tended to lose control and flirt relentlessly with blondes in small-town cocktail lounges - women light-years tougher than the most steely-eyed sleek Manhattanite or Los Angelina.

The rest are ex-Air Force Jag, like Bobby Vecchio, the district attorney, who stayed on after their hitches at Statler were up and those who wanted a small-town practice and happened to pick Lassington for no particular reason.

The store, with its small-town vibe and claustrophobia-inducing crowds, can be quite an experience.

Then there were the unrespectable people--the Klan, the Nazi sympathizers left over from the American Bundt days of the big war, the small-town radio ministers, the pamphleteers of every description.

He tended to lose control and flirt relentlessly with blondes in small-town cocktail loungeswomen light-years tougher than the most steely-eyed sleek Manhattanite or Los Angelina.

He was exploring the parameters of his bubble, which was proving to be about the size of the inflated Moonwalks you can still see at small-town carnivals.

Romanesque aqueducts run into Art Deco penthouses run into opium dens run into Wild West saloons run into roller coasters run into small-town Carnegie libraries run into tract houses run into college lecture halls.

Instead of rambling, off-the-cuff talks over a drink or two with reporters from small-town newspapers, he is suddenly flying all over the country in his own chartered jet full of syndicated columnists and network TV stars.

And, for the first time on this world, she found herself easily meeting the eyes of other Neanderthals, as though they were her small-town neighbors, as though she belonged, as though she were home.

With its neat, narrow streets and neotraditional architecture, Celebration invokes nothing so much as a small-town neighborhood of the 1950s, remembered overfondly.

Ron Shock, a forty-year-old from Amarillo, Texas, who had turned twenty-one in prison and run several businesses before becoming a full-time stand-up comedian, had a small-town drawl and a gift for hyperbole that made him an unrivaled storyteller.