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abbr. (context knitting English) slip marker

SM (plotting)

SM (also known as "Supermongo") is an interactive plotting program written by Robert Lupton and Patricia Monger. SM has its own command language. It is possible to write macros. The plot is executed as a sequence of commands.

The SM code is particularly popular in the astrophysics community, possibly due to the creators' involvement with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. SM is based on the Mongo plotting package developed in the early 1980s by John L. Tonry. Compared to Mongo, SM has a greatly enhanced command language, which includes algebraic manipulation of data vectors.

Usage examples of "sm".

We'd cotaught a gym class, and we'd come very close to creating mayhem on a scale that would have gone down in SMS history.

Japan has just legislated against wireless SMS spam targeted at hapless mobile phone users.

SMS can use a little lightening up, and I think the Mischief Knights are just the guys to do it.