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n. (plural of slum English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: slum)

Usage examples of "slums".

I cannot allot funds for rehousing and subsidizing the squatters of the shantytowns and of the slum beneath the monorail station, not so long as there are slums in Astoria Negra and Puerto Joaquin, not so long as I require those funds to fulfill the promises I have made to the foreign-born citizens.

I really was feeling that it was a hell of a shame to mar the sleek beauty of Ciudad de Vados with these slums, and I did my best to reassure the viewers that a way would be found to cure the trouble.

I must direct you to prepare a schemesome or any schemeto wipe away the slums from this city.

Ciudad de Vados when there are slums in Astoria Negra, lairs of criminals in Puerto Joaquin.

Being a town proposition, slums would concern six-sevenths of the vote.

The slums are C3 breeders, and verminous into the bargain, and anything we can do to abate this nuisance, I, for one, should be happy to do.

He could see her clear eyes looking at the slums as they had looked at Foggartism, and his experiment with the out-of-works.

It was said that the swart men who dwelt in the Street and congregated in its rotting edifices were the brains of a hideous revolution, that at their word of command many millions of brainless, besotted beasts would stretch forth their noisome talons from the slums of a thousand cities, burning, slaying, and destroying till the land of our fathers should be no more.

Born into slums, jails and hospitals, the Morlock sub-race is permitted even expected to destroy itself with violence, lead-poisoning and junk.

XIX Slum Novelists and the Slums Odd ideas are entertained in our time about the real nature of the doctrine of human fraternity.

The searchlight was remorselessly on Tessa, the Society Girl Turned Oxbridge Lawyer, the Princess Diana of the African Poor, the Mother Teresa of the Nairobi Slums and the FO Angel Who Gave a Damn.

In her extreme moments she talked of bearing her child in the slums of Kibera.

As you have just said, her work in the slums gave her an interest in a range of medical matters.

A child of the slums, with nothing but shame and disgrace for an inheritance, and brought up a pauper!

Out of the darkness and murk of the slums the soul of Mikky had climbed high, and his ambitions reached up to the limitless blue above him.