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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1829 (n.), 1887 (adj.), from French Slovak, from the people's own name (compare Slovak and Czech Slovak, plural Slovaci; Polish Słowak; Russian Slovak; German Slowake). Related: Slovakian.


Slovák ( Slovak: Slovak) is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Jozef Slovák (born 1951), Slovak serial killer
  • Ladislav Slovák (1909–1999), Slovak conductor
  • Samuel Slovák (born 1975), Slovak footballer

Usage examples of "slovak".

The Slovaks had, on their own initiative, already lighted two cooking fires, fetched kettles of the clean lake water, and had even bought from the local fishermen a basketful of fogas, the Lake Balaton pike-perch.

She followed the west-east road through Nuremberg, and on towards the border, over the border and on through Pilsen and Prague, until the edge of the map brought her up short of the Slovak border, baulked of her objective.

Florian sent a bunch of Slovaks in to plaster the city with posters announcing a balloon ascension at sunset the next day.

Then Florian commanded a number of the Slovaks and the lightest wagon to depart immediately and go on ahead, with a hefty stack of Florilegium posters, to circle the entire extent of Lake Balaton and post paper in every least village and hamlet around its shores.

Slovaks were not working for Goesle or practicing music, Beck would have them shearing sheet metal or bending tubing or riveting and soldering together the fairly intricate bits of his hydrogen generator.

Then the Slovaks resumed their interrupted teardown of the poles, rigging, lights and pista, and repacked the wagons.

At this moment, Boom-Boom Beck was kneeling on it, and he and a Slovak on the other center pole were adjusting the turnbuckles and tension of the tightrope that crossed the fifty-foot space between them.

Whilst the old fox is tied in his box, floating on the running stream whence he cannot escape to land, where he dares not raise the lid of his coffin box lest his Slovak carriers should in fear leave him to perish, we shall go in the track where Jonathan went, from Bistritz over the Borgo, and find our way to the Castle of Dracula.

The agricultural districts and villages of the mid-eastern valleys of Europe are sending their strongest men and youths, nourished of good diet and in pure air, stolid and care-free, into that dim canyon-Servians, Croatians, Ruthenians, Lithuanians, Slovaks, with Italians, Poles, and Russian Jews.

He whistled for a Slovak and sent him to saddle and fetch the three horses acquired so long ago from the ambushing Virginia bummers.

It turned out that the new Slovaks were already acquainted with the Florilegium's Slovaks, all of them having variously, at one time or another, been crew on the same circuses, so there was no problem about their assimilation.

At the same moment, one of the conscripted roustabouts invisible "offstage" began playing on the accordion his Slovak notion of what David, King of the Israelites, would have played on his harp.

Beck somewhere found and purchased a snare drum and a tenor drum, and conscripted another Slovak into the band to play them, for they served better than Hannibal's big bass drum to sound a suspenseful roll during a thrill act or a brisk rataplan during clownish knockabouts.

If they go for the Tenth Corps before they enter Germany, they, the Germans, start the war and drag the Czechs and Slovaks and God knows who else into the fray.

The Slovaks were sent all around Balaton to post paper proclaiming the event, and the tober overflowed with spectators that day.